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Alessandro Pessoli 15-18

diametro cm 260
With a diploma in painting from the Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna in 1989, Alessandro Pessoli uses a wide variety of expressive mediums ranging from video to painting, watercolors, and ceramic sculptures. All his artistic production takes its cue from drawing, which he used from the start because of its immediacy and expressiveness. Following this, he moved into digital animation, derived from his drawings, characterized by movement, the flicker of the image, color pulsation and vibration of the atmosphere. His works often depict very expressive figures, apparently melancholic, represented in undetermined spaces and dream narratives. The works are inspired by the worlds of art, history, film and theater, but also by popular culture and iconography. The artist uses history as a tool to interpret and look at contemporary reality. In his works, historical figures and events are often subjected to a rearrangement process that puts them in relation to the present. Since 2001, Pessoli has used ceramics, a technique very dear to him for its fluid and immediate character that makes it possible to work without preparatory models and drawings. "15-18" is a large mosaic made up of eighty white handdesigned ceramic hollow tiles. As clearly indicated by the title, Pessoli was inspired by the events of the First World War and in particular, about three hundred images from a collection of newspapers of that period.
On View
I. Bonacossa, “Alessandro Pessoli”, Artforum International, May-June, 2008. P. Noe, “Alessandro Pessoli”, Artforum International, October, 2008. M. Robecchi, Vitamin P2: New Perspectives in Painting, London 2011, pp. 240-243; M. Paderni, “Alessandro Pessoli”, Frieze, January-February, 2012, p. 148.
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Foto Roberto Galasso
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Purchased from Galleria Greengrassi, Londra
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