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Sislej Xhafa Christopher Columbus Hiding

cm 140 x 97
A Kosovan artist of the Albanian ethnic group, Sislej Xhafa studied in London and Florence, then moved to New York at the start of the 1990s. His creativity developed in various directions with great versatility of results, reflecting the variety of experiences and the nomadism that make up his personal background. The artist uses simple materials that are often even commonplace, exhibiting their precarious nature. With irony and sarcasm, his works challenge some of the fundamental contemporary themes: migration phenomena, visual mythologies of mass society and the apparent satisfaction of personal needs. After moving to the United States, Xhafa intensified his exploration of Western myths and the process of deconstructing the figure of the national hero, as is the case of "Christopher Columbus Hiding". Here, a modern Christopher Columbus is depicted as a sort of blurry silhouette seen from behind, leaning on a cane and seeking a position in space that does not naturally belong to him.
On View
J. Sans, 271 West 119 ST. APT. 3W. Sislej Xhafa, in Hardcore. Vers un nouvel activism, exhibition catalogue (Paris, Palais de Tokyo), Paris 2003, pp. 198-201. L. Lambrecht, Il mondo secondo Sislej, in Sislej Xhafa, exhibition catalogue (Venice, Venice Biennale, 51st International Art Exhibition), Osfildern 2005, pp. 87-88. H. Hanru, L. Lonardelli (eds.), Benvenuto! Sislej Xhafa, exhibition catalogue (Rome, MAXXI-Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo), Rome 2016.
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Foto Roberto Galasso
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Donation by Claudia Gian Ferrari
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