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Elisa Caldana Never Again

Elisa Caldana mainly works with sculpture, performance, film, and writing. Her works are conceptually linked by the use of abstraction and the imagination to draw attention to political and social issues, analyzing the paradoxes and the liminal spaces that are generated by the coexistence of multiple points of view. Never Again is the continuation of the first film in the cycle: Topografia del terrore (2016). Both films are set in the building that was never realized for the Topography of Terror Foundation in Berlin. Never Again further complicates the empty spaces through the approach to a different architectural phantom, which occupied the same site during a different historical period: the southern wing of the former general headquarters of the Gestapo on Prinz-Albrecht-Strasse 8, including a collapsed air raid shelter, the courtyard of the "Prison," and other underground rooms of the archeological site. The CGI reconstruction of the first building that was never realized intersects with the ruins of the past that were virtually recreated, in a ghost-like landscape, and the two architectural settings merge into each other, sinking into a suspended space and time. The way the architectural settings overlap and contain each other is an attempt to visually represent the critical effort to avoid the repeating of history and violence by means of strategies of memory and understanding.
On View
Produced thanks to the contribution of the Italian Council, 2019
Legal status
Donated by the artist an Giorgio Fasol for AGIVERONA
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