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Luigi Ghirri Olanda

cm 10,8 x 8,8
One of the most influential photographers in Europe, from the 1970s onwards Luigi Ghirri concentrated on color photography, becoming a point of reference for Italian artists of thefollowing generation, both with his photos and the writings that invariably accompanied them. One of his most celebrated works is the seminal project "Viaggio in Italia" (1984), in which he revolutionized a certain way of practicing photography. Ghirri began to use a Polaroid in 1979, when Manfred Heiting, the then-director of Polaroid’s Amsterdam-based company, arranged for the artist to receive regular supplies of film. The artist’s images dwell on details, extracting them from the context to which they belong and immersing them, through the shot, in a new, long, and suspended temporality. The "Still Life" and "Formigine (MO)" series from which the works in the collection come, attest to Ghirri’s interest in photography open to intuition and the fortuitous. The strong, contrasting colors typical of the Polaroid technique are exploited, through the alternation of planes, to play upon the depicted reality, which is cut and flattened in the framing process.
On View
A.C. Quintavalle (ed.), Luigi Ghirri_Polaroid, Milan 1998. Luigi Ghirri. Polaroid. L’opera completa, 1979-1983, exhibition catalogue (Milan, LABS-Politecnico di Milano), Milan 2003. F. Fabiani, L. Gasparini, G. Sergio (eds.), Luigi Ghirri, Pensare per immagini, exhibition catalogue (Rome, MAXXI-Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo) Rome 2013.
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Foto Luigi Ghirri
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Purchased from Claudia Gian Ferrari Studio di consulenza per il '900 italiano, Milan
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