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Jason Martin Quasi

cm 180 x 180 x 7
Educated at Goldsmiths College in London, Jason Martin made his debut at the famous exhibition “Sensation” (London, Royal Academy, 1997) dedicated to the Young British Artists. Well established in the late 1990s, Jason Martin stands out for his specialty of painting with large paintbrushes made specifically for creating overlapping layers of paint that catch the light and create unusual sculptural effects. The artist uses a variety of materials: oils, acrylics, and gels, but also sand and paste compounds, molded with the brush, carved with the movement of his own body, subjected to the wear and tear of the elements, such as rain, sun and wind. The compositional rigor of his early works has given way in recent years to the use of brighter colors, combining dripping brushstrokes of paint with an increasingly sculptural effect. In "Quasi", the use of white monochrome seems to cite the rigor of American minimalist painting. As pointed out by the artist, an interest in Minimalism and Abstract Expressionism are combined with a deep fascination for early 20th century Italian art, particularly Giacomo Balla, Umberto Boccioni and Gino Severini, valued for their subversive and revolutionary qualities.
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A. Renton (ed.), Jason Martin, exhibition catalogue (London, Lisson Gallery), Milan 2004. U. Kittelmann (ed.), For Gods Sake, exhibition catalogue (Salzburg, Villa Kast), Bielefeld 2008. Jason Martin. Painting and sculpture, exhibition catalogue (London, Lisson Gallery), London 2014.
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Foto Roberto Galasso
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