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Luisa Lambri Untitled (Barragan House, #09-11- 06-13; #03-04)

quattro: cm 86 × 96 cad., due: cm 75,3 × 84 cad.
Having grown up in the Como area among the architectural masterpieces of Giuseppe Terragni’s Rationalism, Luisa Lambri focuses on architectural photography, with a special fondness for 20th century Modernism. The artist’s practice involves long stays inside the buildings that become the subjects of her work, in order that she may render, through photographs, their spatial and emotional characteristics. Thus, the photographs, suspended between the objective representation of space and the artist’s perceptions, almost become an inner self-portrait. For this reason, the architectural details are at times almost transfigured and made abstract, and the images, captured by the artist in the moment of the shot, are then processed and developed in the studio. The six shots entitled "Untitled (Barragan House, #09-11-06-13; #03-04)" are part of a series of photographs taken by Lambri during a visit to Mexico City, where she worked on a building by the Mexican architect Luis Barragán, photographing his private home (1947). The building, which in 2004 became one of the UNESCO protected sites, was designed by Barragán using a strict bright and harmonious balance between the interior and the exterior space of the garden. Through the camera, the architecture is interpreted by Lambri, and turned into a sentimental and intimate diary. The gaze lingers on the details and the light variations of the interiors, in this case the shutters of the guest room windows: through overexposure techniques, the artist alters the actual modulation of the external light, seeking an alienating effect of dissolution of the space that corresponds to the psychological perception of it.
On View
Luisa Lambri. Interiors, exhibition catalogue (Madrid, Ivorypress Art+Books Space), Madrid 2011. M. Minera, “Luisa Lambri en Casa Barragán”, Rufino, 4, September, 2011, pp. 77-80.
Photo Credits
Untitled (Barragan House, #03), Photo Barragan Foundation
Legal status
Purchased from Studio Guenzani, Milan
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