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Haluk Akakçe A Delicate Balance

dimensione ambiente/dimensions variable
Trained as an architect, first in Chicago and then in New York, Haluk Akakçe explores the role of technology in contemporary society. His works construct a world that lives in the digital space: botany, genetics, body parts, abstract biomorphic elements, Modernist and Nouveau evocations are elaborated through game installations of generative animations. Conceived as digital paintings, his works, projected on a wall or transmitted by LED screens in public spaces, interact with the physical space and evolve inside the liquid space. "A Delicate Balance" is an animation projected in four channels on a black wall. Black and white paintings, frequent in his works, generate a sequence of biomorphic transformations that join and separate into arabesques and organic architecture, diluting themselves in the fluidity of space. Painting is rediscovered, extended into a generative version and a synthesis of architecture, film and dance. The delicate balance to which the title refers is that between nature and technology, but also that which, in general, regulates the relations between the parts and the whole.
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D. Fogle, “Douglas Fogle on Haluk Akakçe”, Artforum International, 39, 5, January, 2001, p. 120. Haluk Akakçe, exhibition leaflet (Rome, MAXXI-Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo), Rome 2002. P. Colombo, M. Pignatti Morano, S. Vannini, S. Freddo, S. Borsato (eds.), Le Collezioni. Acquisizioni di arte contemporanea. MAXXI-Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo, exhibition catalogue (Rome, MAXXI-Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo), Turin 2003, pp. 10-11. R. Jana, “The Shifting Nature of Reality – The Intense and Mysterious Works of Haluck Akakçe Represent a Defiance of Easy Artistic Categories”, Tema Celeste, 22, 107, January-February, 2005, pp. 48-53.
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Foto Ljubodrag Andrič
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