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Tomaso De Luca A Week’s Notice

3 video (20’ 15’’, 19’ 32’’, 20’ 35’’), traccia audio (29’ 01’’)
The work of Tomaso De Luca brings to light places submerged in the collective imaginary: exceptions to the rule, understood as vital strategies of survival. A Week’s Notice, winner of the 2020 edition of the MAXXI BVLGARI Prize, transforms domestic architecture into a bewildering space, where the sense of loss and precariousness become the generating elements of reconstruction. The work reflects on the heartless phenomenon of the gentrification of AIDS. While the gay community, which was the most affected by the epidemic between the 1980s and the 1990s, was disappearing, the market saw the massacre as an opportunity: furniture and personal belongings were tossed out onto the street and apartments were put back on the market to rent them to the healthy and the rich. In the attempt to reconquer this space, the artist presents an ode to the unraveling of architecture made up of miniatures that fly, collapse, and go crazy, seeking beauty in instability and turning trauma into a territory of creation.
On View
Photo Credits
Foto Giorgio Benni
Film by Luigi Ciccaglione, Primo De Santis Editing by Luigi Ciccaglione Photography | Color Correction by Primo De Santis Music and sound by Naemi
Legal status
The work was produced with the support of Fondazione MAXXI and BVLGARI
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