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Alberto Garutti Accedere al presente

cm 250 x 205 x 38
Fields of color flow slowly and alternate before the visitor’s eyes like abstract scenarios, mental states that are constantly and imperceptibly changing. A machine featuring an artificial and impersonal nature, Accedere al presente is the telling of a story, elementary workings designed to reveal the undecipherable enigma of the gaze. The slow process of the colors is a silent tale of ideal places and spaces, but also a way to gain access to all the moments present in our lives. The work invites the viewer to observe it for a long instant: it is a mechanical and poetic installation of the meeting between time and the act of gazing, between memory and imagination. Akin to the way that half of our existence unfolds during the hours of the night, some part of the work can only be viewed at night, when no one can enter the room to look at it. In a close dialogue with the lighting conditions, the shadow and the penumbra of the place where it is installed, the work stages the encounter between the work and the infinite gazes that have alighted on it and will do so in the future. An object, a painting to be contemplated, forgotten, and to continue to look at.
On View
Photo Credits
Foto Agostino Osio - Alto Piano
Legal status
MAXXI L’AQUILA commission
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