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Margherita Moscardini Al Za'atari Refugee Camp, Jordan

cm 155 x 105
In her complex as well as contemplative works, meant to be projects that are in progress, Margherita Moscardini interweaves space and time, landscape and architecture, image and illusion. At the heart of her interest are the conditions that provoke change and mutation, the relationships between the processes of urban, social, and natural transformations, belonging to specific geographical areas that are in a state of abandonment or in the process of being demolished, in which the waste disposal system becomes symptomatic of local complexities. The design is the site plan for the Za’atari refugee camp, realized by using the soil removed from the semi-desert area of Mafraq Governorate (Jordan) as pigment. The work is part of a multidimensional project called The Fountains of Za’atari, with which, since 2015, the artist has been exploring the field in its building related changes, its urban spaces destined to endure in time, even though they were intended for to be first aid emergency settlements, “a city bearing another idea of citizenship.”
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Photo Giorgio Benni
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