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Ugo Mulas Alik Cavaliere osserva una scultura di David Smith (XXIX Biennale di Venezia)

cm 24 x 30
Ugo Mulas matured in Milan during the early 1950s as a journalist and photojournalist who frequented the artistic circles of the time. From 1955, he dedicated his attention to fashion, advertising and architecture while maintaining his ongoing link with contemporary art. The world of artists became his personal field of exploration and it renewed the genres of art photography. No longer merely a documentary and portrait photographer, Mulas inaugurated a form of critical analysis in images. The rigor of his vision and of his selections constitute a personal history of art of the 1950s and 1960s, collected in an archive that has a unique artistic and historical value. The Venice Biennale was one of Mulas’ main theaters of research. In 1954, he prepared his first photographical report at the exposition in Venice. The five images in the collection illustrate a few fragments of a story that was written over twenty years’ time, shooting all the Biennale shows until 1972. The capacity of the photographer to assess the different subjects and synthesize their personality through the lens constitutes the mainstay of his style. In the photo of Alik Cavaliere facing a sculpture by David Smith (1958), Mulas created a formal analogy between the sculpture and the posture of the man. Mulas was the first to understand that photography, at the time of a profound revolution in the means of communication, took on a leading role in the art system.
On View
U. Mulas, La fotografia, Turin 1973; T. Trini (ed.), Le verifiche e la storia delle Biennali, exhibition catalogue (Venice, Magazzini del Sale), Venice 1974. T. Trini, Vent’anni di Biennale: 1954-1972, Milan 1988. P.G. Castagnoli, C. Italiano, A. Mattirolo (eds.), Ugo Mulas. La scena dell’arte, exhibition catalogue (Rome, MAXXI-Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo), Milan 2007.
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Foto Ugo Mulas
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Donation by the artisArchivio Ugo Mulas, Milan
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