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Lucy + Jorge Orta Antarctic Village - No Borders, Drope Parachute

dimensione ambiente/dimensions variable
The works of Lucy and Jorge Orta range from art to architecture and design. For over fifteen years, they have been exploring the themes of the new global emergencies including diasporas, humanitarian and environmental crises, urban decay, communities and social cohesion, nomadism and mobility, sustainable development and ecology, and intercultural dialogue. Through performances, collective actions, apparently useful and functional objects, laboratories and prototypes, publications and drawings, the Ortas can be associated with a political vein of art that takes a hard look at social and humanitarian themes, and implements a strategy of operations at both symbolic and realistic levels, revelation and action, sensitization and intervention. The artists realized the "Antarctic Village – No Borders" project, which includes Antarctic Diptych, Dome Dwelling and Antarctic Drop Parachute, for the Primera Bienal al Fin del Mundo, held in Argentina in April 2007. It consists of works, installations, videos and performances that group together most of the themes they explore in their work. The project consists of the construction of a symbolic, temporary village of tents and shelters that were realized and installed near the Argentine scientific base of Marambio on the Antarctic peninsula. The approximately fifty modular structures that constitute the village were built using different national flags sewn together with remnants of clothes and gloves, to symbolize the multiplicity and diversity of peoples. Some of the structures were decorated with screenprinted inserts that display a new article for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, drafted by the artists. It is an amendment to article 13, to guarantee the right to freedom of movement beyond their national borders to all individuals without suffering any discrimination. To this end, they also produced an “Antarctic Passport”, which metaphorically allows crossing of all borders.
On View
P. Orrel (ed.), Lucy + Jorge Orta Pattern Book: An Introduction to Collaborative Practices, London 2007. B. Pietromarchi (ed.), Lucy + Jorge Orta. Antarctica, exhibition catalogue (Milan, Hangar Bicocca), Milan 2008. M.L. Frisa, L. Orta (eds.), Fabulae Romanae. Lucy + Jorge Orta, exhibition catalogue (Rome, MAXXI Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo), Venice 2012. Lucy + Jorge Orta: Potential Architecture, Bologna 2013.
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Purchased from Galleria Continua, San Gimigniano
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