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Flavio Favelli Archivio (Specchio C51)

cm 73 x 150
After graduating in Persian Literature in 1993 at the University of Bologna, Flavio Favelli embarked on an artistic career involving a strong development of the conceptual and philosophical influences resulting from encounters, during his subsequent training, with great teachers and thinkers such as Allan Kaprow, Jean Baudrillard and Joseph Kosuth. His research is aimed at investigating the flows of existence, time, and memory, in works in which personal and collective imagination overlap in a single story. His works were created by combining unusual objects or parts of everyday objects suspended halfway between the rarefied dimension of memory and the surreal dream. Located within the same “Dadaist logic” of manipulation of the object, is "Archivio (Specchio C51)", part of a series of works that Favelli began producing in 2003. Consisting of small hand cut black glass tiles, assembled and reassembled inside original frames from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, each of these mirrors is the umpteenth variant of an open collection, of a veritable archive of memory in which, from each tile, images and personal memories surface. The fragmentation of the surface leads to a reflection on the concept of identity as a polymorphic and elusive entity, emphasized by the hybrid frame that distorts the style and taste of the period from which the two fragments originate.
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I. Zucca Alessandrelli (ed.), The Book by Flavio Favelli, Bologna 2003. F. Favelli, A. Salvadori (eds.), Flavio Favelli, exhibition catalogue (Florence, Museo Marino Marini), Milan.
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Foto Sebastiano Luciano
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