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Adrian Paci Cappella Pasolini

cm 390 x 300 x 320
Adrian Paci, who trained with his painter father, later studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana, and moved to Milan in 1997 following the political turmoil that affected his country, Albania. In his work, he is continually translating from Western cultural assumptions in a personal voyage of introspection that leads him to regain possession of his own life experience. "Cappella Pasolini" consists of a shed and twenty-seven acrylic paintings hanging on the walls inside. These panels continue the study that began with the "Vangelo secondo Pasolini" (2004) series, a pictorial interpretation of a selection of photograms from the Vangelo secondo Matteo by Pier Paolo Pasolini. The Cappella is yet another reference to the sense of secular piety that was typical of Pasolini. Paci continued to work on interpretation of the film director’s visual universe with his pictorial series "Secondo Pasolini (Decameron)" of 2006. This appropriation process is further evidenced by the choice of the subject, visible on the wall facing the entrance, that depicts the moment of the death of the protagonist in the film Mamma Roma (1962), which is in turn a citation of the Cristo morto by Andrea Mantegna.
On View
E. Muka, “Aperto Albania: Sislej Xhafa, Anri Sala, Adrian Paci”, Flash Art International, 216, January-February, 2001, pp. 59-61. G. Di Pietrantonio, Rendere conto, in A. Vettese (ed.), Adrian Paci, exhibition catalogue (Modena, Galleria Civica), Milan 2006, pp. 103-104. M. Engler, Beyond Politics, in Adrian Paci, exhibition catalogue (Hannover, Kunstverein), Hannover 2008, pp. 20-29.
Photo Credits
Foto Patrizia Tocci
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Purchased from Galleria Francesca Kaufmann, Milan
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