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Vedovamazzei Climbing

diametro cm 300 ca.
Stella Scala and Simeone Crispino have been working together as Vedovamazzei since 1990s. Their artistic production cannot be organized on a linear path and uses a wide range of materials and techniques, including painting, sculpture, photography, video, complex installations, multimedia environments, and performance. A recurrent element in their work is their critical, ironic look at society and the human condition in general, a playful, disenchanted perspective that puts identity and social conventions in crisis. Climbing, produced for the first edition of the Premio per la giovane arte italiana (2000), comprised an enormous chandelier made of iron grates commonly used in building and road construction. The entrance was a hatch accessible via a mountain climbing ladder. The space, set up for night time, had a Prada silver fox-fur sleeping bag for a bed, a nightstand made out of a cardboard box, and a switched-on table lamp, commenting, with irony, on the competition theme, migration and multiculturalism.
On View
A. Mattirolo, S. Pinto (eds.), Il Premio per la giovane arte italiana del Centro nazionale per le arti contemporanee 2000. Migrazioni e Multiculturalità, exhibition catalogue (Rome, Centro nazionale per le arti contemporanee), Turin 2001. G. Di Pietrantonio, C. Laubard (ed.), Vedovamazzei, Turin 2004. S. Chiodi (ed.), 01 Vedovamazzei. Greatest hits, exhibition catalogue (Naples, Madre • museo d’arte contemporanea donnaregina), Milan 2006.
Photo Credits
Foto Patrizia Tocci
Legal status
Premio per la Giovane Arte Italiana 2000
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