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Daniela De Lorenzo Come se

cm 100 x 100 x 90
By exploring the fields of identity and the perception of the self in space and time, Daniela De Lorenzo uses the languages of performance, video, photography, and sculpture to create new registers of reading and connections, for a never-ending series of cross-references and correspondences. The object of her study is always the body, used as an instrument of knowledge and then transfigured into enigmatic shapes. For the purposes of this work, the artist films herself from above, at the center of a map where the carto graphic references have been removed, as she carries out minimum movements that constantly rewrite her position in space. De Lorenzo extracts from the in-frame rendering of this performative act a selection of images that, when elaborated digitally, are translated into the stratifications of overlapping papers that are glued together, from which a new figure emerges, transfigured and changing depending on the view-er’s point of view. The original link between the body and space is expressed in a “geological growth” generated by the relationship “between the ‘I am here’ (the point marked at the center of the map) and the land on which we place our feet.”
On View
Photo Credits
Foto Agostino Osio - Alto Piano
Legal status
MAXXI L’AQUILA commission
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