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Ettore Spalletti Cuscino

cm 50 x 60
Ettore Spalletti’s training as an architect infuses his work with a special focus on spatial construction. In the early 1970s, he began to develop an interest in the artistic sphere while maintaining his own independence. The artist’s limited, measured catalogue of shapes and colors stresses his extraneousness to specific movements or currents and, in spite of its analogies with international Minimalism, his lexicon is decidedly more anchored in a sensibility that finds compositional and spatial purity in the tactile experience of color. In "Cuscino", we see the impasto of gesso and pigment typical of his work, a method for which calls to mind the Italian fresco tradition and emphasizes his process of empathizing with color. His preference for blue shades and, more generally, pale hues, is tied to his aim of creating what he calls “atmospheric realities”. Spalletti began exploring the relationship between space and setting in the 1980s. The convex shape of "Cuscino" reveals the depth of the painting, bringing it to the edge between painting and sculpture. In this work, color functions as both material and form and the thickness creates the ambiguity between two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms, typical of his works, always located at the limit between painting, sculpture, space, and pure chromatic perception.
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Foto Roberto Galasso
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