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Paolo Bresciani [Foglia Caffettiera]

100 x 100 cm
[Foglia Caffettiera] is an artwork representative of the artist’s production, realized through the technology of morphing: a program that allows the fusion of different objects or faces to obtain a third subject resulting from the first two. In the three works, belonging to the series Fuzzy Logic - exhibited on the occasion of the exhibition project Per_formare una collezione. The Show Must Go_ON (Per_forming a collection. The Show Must Go_ON) curated by Andrea Viliani at museo Madre in 2017 - the transformation process involves everyday artificial objects and natural elements, gradually altering the artist’ silhouette, which from time to time becomes a chair, a leaf, an eagle, a stain or a hybrid form. Showing and manipulating apparently distant elements, yet belonging to a unique universe, in which nature and technology coexist and feed on each other, the works insert themselves within the debate going on at the time (1992) on the possibility and risks of genetic manipulation and virtual reality.
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Paolo Bresciani (Chicago, 1961 - Naples, 2009) studied History of Art and New Technologies at the Art Institute of Chicago. He inherits from his artist grandfather, Antonio Bresciani, the passion for painting and from his father, a researcher, the attitude to science and familiarity with information technology, which make Bresciani a pioneer in the field of web art.
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