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Luca Vitone Io, Villa Adriana (Paesaggio visto dalle Piccole Terme)

cm 300 x 203 x 5
For his most recent series of self-portraits of landscapes, for one year the artist left nine large-scale canvases in some of the most inspiring sites of Villa Adriana. Resurfacing from the titles of the works is a dimension linked to the pictorial genre of the veduta and the landscape: the canvas conceptually records the view from a specific place, like a “window open onto the world,” in an attempt to embrace the vastness of the 120 hectares where the Villa is located, as well as its complexity and its historical and artistic wealth. With this series, exhibited during the focus Luca Vitone. Io, Villa Adriana curated by Anne Palopoli and Andrea Bruciati (June 17 - September 12, 2021), the artist offers a reflection on the places of power in our society, which he already undertook on the occasion of his 2014 solo show Imperium. Villa Adriana was a pleasant location for the emperor who had had it built, and at the same time it represented the imperial power that characterized the dawning of Western culture.
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Foto Giorgio Benni
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