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Massimo Bartolini Mixing Parfums

cm 250 x 150 x 4
Massimo Bartolini, who began his artistic activity in the 1990s, uses various visual languages in his work, including environmental installation, performance, and drawing. Through minimalist interventions that change spaces and create a feeling of disorientation, Bartolini explores the theme of perception, putting the predictable ways in which places are used in crisis. "Mixing Parfums" involved an illuminated revolving door that connected two rooms filled solely with light and perfume: the light came from the revolving door while the two perfumes were an earth fragrance and jasmine. Visitors moved from one room to the other through the revolving door, causing the two perfumes to mix, as also expressed in the title of the work through the mixed use of one English term and one French. The artist created the installation in the year 2000 for the first edition of the Premio per la giovane arte italiana, the theme of which was “migration and multiculturalism”. The work was a spatial installation expressive of the artist’s interest in the themes of gardens, habitations, ancestral spaces, home, and nature, all typical of human life.
On View
S. Pinto, A. Mattirolo (eds.), Il Premio per la giovane arte italiana del Centro nazionale per le arti contemporanee 2000. Migrazioni e Multiculturalità, exhibition catalogue (Rome, Centro nazionale per le arti contemporanee), Turin 2001, pp. 22-23; 50. L. Cherubini, Quaderno. Massimo Bartolini, exhibition catalogue (Rome, Magazzino), Rome 2003. Massimo Bartolini, exhibition catalogue (Porto, Fundaçâo de Serralves), Porto 2007. L. Cherubini, Dialoghi con la città, in M. Avagnina, M.Guccione, S. La Pergola (eds.), MAXXI Materia grigia: il racconto della costruzione, Milano 2010, pp. 206-207. D. Denegri (ed.), Massimo Bartolini. Serce na dłoni, exhibition catalogue (Toruń, Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej Znaki Czasu), Toruń 2011.
Photo Credits
Foto Mario Tedeschi
Legal status
Premio per la Giovane Arte Italiana 2000
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