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Luca Trevisani Mobili radici

cm 150 x 242
Mobili radici is a sculpture of shoe soles made with a mixture of flour, seeds, cereals, and water. Making bread is an everyday gesture of manual cultural archeology. It means tracing back over the six thousand years of its history. Mobili radici is a portrait of the myth of traveling, of the odyssey of migration, of those who set out to find bread, bringing their roots around the world. Mobili radici aims to critically revive a heritage of traditions and inventions harbored by each of the Italian regions: Pan‘ispeli, the ceremonial Sardinian bread that Pliny the Elder was familiar with in the 1st century AD, made of acorns, clay, and ash; the ornate breads of Paulilatino; Marchigiano bread made with must; Pan di Sorc of Gemona di Friuli; Pan di Vinca of the Lunigiana; Salento Scéblasti; Ferrarese coppia; and, lastly, the Eight-day bread of the Vesuvius.
On View
Photo Credits
Photo Giulio Boem
Winner of the public tender Cantica21. Italian Contemporary Art Everywhere (MAECI-DGSP/MiC-DGCC, 2020)
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