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Maurizio Nannucci More than meets the eye

cm 697 x 555
Since his debut in the mid-1960s, as part of the Concrete Poetry movement, Maurizio has used language and text as the main elements of his artistic research. After the first experiments in art and Concrete Poetry, such as the Dattilogrammi, made with a typewriter, he adopted neon as an expressive medium to create phrases or statements that interact with the space and visitors, putting him at the forefront of the most modern artistic research of the international Avantgarde in that period. The capacity to see beyond what is visible, exercising the vision in a deeper and more intellectual way, is the key concept behind the work "More than meets the eye", a monumental neon designed by Nannucci specifically for the fa├žade of the MAXXI. The English phrase invites the viewer to go beyond what the eye can see: the viewer is prompted to conjure up images through the colors, light, and sounds of the words and their interaction with the architectural space, and hence to look beyond mere visual perception.
On View
Maurizio Nannucci. To cut a long story short, exhibition catalogue (Middelburg, De Vleeshal), Middelburg 1982; Maurizio Nannucci. Language and Horizons, exhibition catalogue (Bury, Art Gallery Museum), Florence 2005. B. Pietromarchi (ed.), Maurizio Nannucci. Where to start from, exhibition catalogue (Rome MAXXI Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo), Milan 2015.
Photo Credits
Foto Musacchio e Ianniello
Legal status
Donation by the artist, produced thanks to a contribution from Amici del MAXXI
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