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Paul Thorel Passaggio della Vittoria

installazione site-specific, 1.832.400 tessere – Produzione Mutina for Art
Paul Thorel (London 1956 - Naples 2020) was an artist and photographer of Italian-French nationality. After a few years of painting, begun in 1970 attending Carla Accardi’ studio in Rome, in 1979 Thorel began his research on the creation of electronic images at the Institut National de l'Audiovisuel in Paris. Since the 1980s he has emerged on the art scene as one of the first European artists exploring digital technologies in photographic practice. His works have been published in international photography magazines such as ‘Aperture’, ‘Original’, ‘Zoom’, ‘Photographies Magazine’. He exhibited in private galleries and took part in photographic exhibitions in French, Italian and American museums, in two editions of the Biennale Internazionale della Fotografia in Turin and in several festivals dedicated to photography and new media in art. Passaggio della Vittoria (Victory Passage) is a site-specific installation created for museo Madre in 2018 for the passage space that connects the central and external courtyards, on the occasion of the exhibition project Per_formare una collezione. Per un Archivio dell’arte in Campania, (Per_forming a collection. For an Archive of contemporary art in the Campania region) curated by Andrea Viliani and Silvia Salvati. It is a monumental work realized with the technique of mosaic on a surface of 150 square meters, with the use of 1,832,400 porcelain tiles of 1×1 cm. This is the largest work made by the artist.
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Courtesy Guido Costa Projects, Torino. Ph. Amedeo Benestante
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