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William Kentridge Preparing the Flute

cm 240 x 115 x 118
William Kentridge is a South African artist known for his diversified production that includes drawings, engravings, sculpture, animation, theatrical production, tapestries and murals. In the first phase of his artistic endeavor, with forceful references to the racial segregation policy of apartheid that the artist had experienced first hand, he measured himself against themes linked to time and history. His training in art and theater, after obtaining his degree in political science and African studies, is also linked to his family history. His parents had Lithuanian Judaic origin and they were lawyers dedicated to the cause of the outcasts of apartheid. While he does make use of a variety of techniques, it is evident that he has an affinity for the animation of charcoal on paper and stop-motion film narratives, where the drawings are photographed one by one. The combination of genres and techniques in his multimedia installations transposes the historical reflection into a perceptible experience and evolves parallel to the methods of production and perception of the image.
On View
D. Cameron (ed.), William Kentridge, London 2003. C. Christov-Bakargiev (ed.), William Kentridge, exhibition catalogue (Rivoli, Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea), Milan 2004. C. Alemani (ed.), William Kentridge, Milan 2006. C. Basualdo (ed.), William Kentridge: Tapestries, exhibition catalogue (Philadelphia, Philadelphia Museum of Art), Philadelphia 2008. Streets of the City (and Other Tapestries): William Kentridge, exhibition catalogue (Naples, Museo di Capodimonte), Verona 2010.
Photo Credits
Foto Patrizia Tocci
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Purchased from Lia Rumma, Naples
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