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Nico Vascellari Revenge

dimensione ambiente/dimensions variable
A visual artist, performer and musician, Nico Vascellari’s diversified activities focus on the sound and the theatrical presence that is expressed in multidisciplinary languages. "Revenge" is a video installation that was realized in the Marceglia hall of the 52nd Venice Biennale, a space entirely faced with hand-carved fir boards, treated with varnish and then burnt. There are fifty amplifiers of different sizes and power set into the wooden walls that form the dark and silent surroundings. Dressed all in white, Nico Vascellari starts his performance when he enters the room followed by some assistants who modify the tones and intensities of the sounds produced as they continue to move around. The performance lasts fifteen minutes, at the end of which the presence of the artist is substituted by a small rudimentary device applied to the same microphone that was used during the actions. The performance, realized with the collaboration of John Wiese and Stephen O’Malley, was repeated three times during the inauguration days. With its allusive title, the whole work took shape in a personal network of relations with small spaces and centers of self-produced alternative music with which the artist has collaborated through the years, during his musical career as front man of the With Love punk band. In this project, as always in his work, Nico Vascellari entwines various heterogenous expressive forms such as photography, video, performance, design, fashion and sound, orchestrated together with meticulous attention to detail.
On View
A. Barbuto, Nico Vascellari, in A. Mattirolo (ed.), Apocalittici e integrati. Utopia nell’arte italiana di oggi, exhibition catalogue (Rome, MAXXI-Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo), Milan 2007, p. 106. M. Pignatti Morano, P. Colombo (eds.), Revenge di Nico Vascellari: Premio per la giovane arte italiana 2006-2007, exhibition catalogue (Venice, Venice Biennale, 52nd International Art Exhibition), Milan 2007. 15a Quadriennale d’arte di Roma, exhibition catalogue (Rome, 15a Quadriennale), Venice 2008.
Photo Credits
Foto Meri Gatto e Vito Pelegatto
Legal status
Premio per la Giovane Arte Italiana 2006 - 2007
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