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Jannis Kounellis Senza titolo

cm 200 x 180 x 42
With great intensity Kounellis explores the anthropological and political dimension of the experience of creation along the axes of a clear sighted humanism and its intransigent “passion for the real.” The installation Senza titolo, 2014, displayed at the exhibition senzamargine. Passaggi nell’arte italiana a cavallo del millennio curated by Bartolomeo Pietromarchi (October 2, 2020-March 27, 2022), presented in Todi and later in London, 2014, harkens back to previous works, like butchered meat hanging from iron sheets, and is a meditation on the dialectical clash between historical forces and individual destiny. In 1982 Kounellis noted: «I seek [...] in fragments (emotional and formal) dispersed history. I dramatically seek unity, albeit hard to grasp, albeit utopian, albeit impossible and therefore dramatic». Senza titolo descends from this important work, distinguishing itself by the reference to the installation and by the colors of the doublures of the coats that are reminiscent of painters’ pallets.
On View
R. Venturi, In the tradition of shadowinness. Jannis Kounelli, in Senzamargine. Passages in Italian art at the turn of the millennium, exhibition catalogue, curated by B. Pietromarchi, Marsilio, Venice 2021, pp. 164-183
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Foto Agostino Osio - Alto Piano
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