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Nunzio Sospeso

dimensione ambiente
What distinguishes Nunzio’s work is his study of the expressive properties of material as it relates to light and space. After a period during which he made mostly plaster sculptures, the artist began focusing on wood, one of his favorite materials, on which he uses a blow torch, burning it until it is almost fossilized. In his sculptures, archetypal forms and materials are articulated in space and offer up to the gaze new possibilities of relating with the surrounding environment. The installation conceived for Palazzo Ardin-ghelli (L’Aquila), consisting of charred wooden planks, is in fact a diaphragmatic presence that scans the architecture in a game of luminous fulls and voids, capturing the visitors’ gaze and at the same time invit-ing them to cross the space. By ideally creating a connection between the city and the two building entrances, the work reinforces the architectural path determined by the access from Via Garibaldi, declaring right from the start the mu seum’s identity as a conversation space between the urban context, its history, and its contemporariness.
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Foto Agostino Osio - Alto Piano
Legal status
MAXXI L’AQUILA commission
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