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Elisa CaldanaDiego Tonus Topography of Terror (19.12.2016)

31' (in loop)
The film is set inside the building that was never built of the Topography of Terror Foundation in Berlin, which was at first designed by the architect Peter Zunthor for the construction of a documentation center where the Gestapo, the SS, and Reich security all had their headquarters. Starting from the original drawings, the artists produced a graphic simulation of the building: the image of the future that was never realized, and that offers the scenario to host a narrative that ponders on how forms of terror operate today. Based on a series of conversations with psychoanalysts and journalists from Reuters and the BBC, the film tells the story of a journalist who suffers from secondary post-traumatic stress disorder. Through a fictitious story told in voice over, the work explores the ways that information is built up, articulating a reflection on the role of the image as a tool used to perpetuate terror and manipulate the perception of reality.
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Focus, in "FLASH ART ITALIA" № 336, December 2017–January 2018, pp. 42-47. "Never Again", Mousse Publishing, 2020, edited by Elisa Caldana and Diego Tonus; Texts by Charles Esche, Gareth Evans, Mark von Schlegell, and a conversation between Emanuele Guidi, Elisa Caldana, and Diego Tonus.
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