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Chen Zhen Uninterrupted voice

dimensione ambiente/dimensions variable
Having trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Shanghai during the Cultural Revolution, Chen Zhen moved to Paris in 1986 where he attended the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts. After his initial training as a painter, he produced mainly sculptures or complex installations which combined everyday objects like chairs, ropes, wood, candles and old furniture. All his artistic production is permeated by what the artist calls “transexperience” which is based on the union of three concepts: “residence”, or the ability to adapt to a different environment, “resonance” meaning the ability to enter into dialogue with others, and “resistance” to assimilation by a different culture and tradition. "Uninterrupted voice" is part of a series of works made up of wooden chairs and small children’s beds covered with leather. In this work, Chen Zhen enhances the therapeutic significance of music transforming everyday objects into monumental do-it-yourself drums. The result is a huge musical instrument, a choral work in which the public is invited to interact by playing the drums. Music becomes a positive and primeval force that makes it possible to create a platform of connections and interrelations, a flow of energy that unites the artist with the public.
On View
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Foto Patrizia Tocci
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