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Luigi Auriemma DIO_GENE

218 x 79 x 31 x 87 cm. Ca.
DIO_GENE was created in 2016 for the solo exhibition entitled D_I_O_GENE at MANN - Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli. The work was later exhibited in the exhibition project Per_formare una collezione. Per un archivio dell’arte in Campania (Per_forming a collection. For an archive of the arts in the Region Campania) curated by Andrea Viliani and Silvia Salvati at museo Madre in 2018. The work is composed by a structure made of glass, mirror and iron, on whose transparent plates appear, superimposed and upside down, words taken from the fragmentary Canon of Polykleitos: ‘Beauty consists in the proportions, not of the elements, but of the parts’ and ‘The result depends on a decisive smallness in the midst of the ratios of proportion’. The title refers to philosophical studies and alludes to the holy lord and creator.
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Luigi Auriemma (Naples, 1961) graduated in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. He started his career in the late 1980s, introducing the element of glass in his works from the very beginning. In the 1990s the artist realized a series of exhibitions entitled Enigma/Tema (Enigma/Theme). In his most recent works, Auriemma uses words taken from poetic verses and inserts suspension points with a dual significance. On one hand, they become the meeting point between the thoughts of the artist and the public, while on the other hand they allow a space for thought to the work itself, conceived in fact by the artist as a living being, an “autonomous being”.
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