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Salvatore Emblema Untitled

cm 150 x 130
Salvatore Emblema (Terzigno, Naples 1929 - Terzigno, Naples 2006) attended the Scuola del Corallo in Torre del Greco and the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. He moved to Rome where, in 1954, he had his first exhibition at the Galleria San Marco. In the United States, where he lived between 1957 and 1958, he met one of the most prominent figures of American Abstract Expressionism, Mark Rothko, whose pictorial style had a profound influence on Emblema. Back in Italy, in the mid-sixties he met the art critic Giulio Carlo Argan, who contributed to the definition and analysis of the concept of ‘transparency’, the core of the artist's research. Senza titolo (Untitled) belongs to the first series of works in which the artist focuses on the concept of ‘transparency’. In this work, it is evoked by the absence of pictorial interventions and by a peculiar process of ‘un-weaving’ applied to the warp of the canvas. The cross, formed by the axes of the frame, becomes an integral part of the structure. The work became part of museo Madre’s collection in 2016 thanks to a donation by Ernesto Esposito.
On View
Photo Credits
Courtesy Fondazione Donnaregina per le arti contemporanee, Napoli. © Photo: Amedeo Benestante.
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Donation of Ernesto Esposito
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