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Mafonso tEMPO

Totale installazione: 210 x 80 x 100 cm
Tempo is an installation specially conceived by the artist for the exhibition project Per_formare una collezione. Per un archivio dell'arte in Campania (Per_forming a collection. For an archive of contemporary art in the Campania region), curated by Andrea Viliani and Silvia Salvati, held at museo Madre in 2018. The installation, composed of two works of different dates and cycles (Make Make, 1988; Dimore di tutto ciò che è divinissimo e santissimo, 2006 (Abodes of what is most holy and divine) and a painted wooden structure, is presented as a dataset, updated to the present, whose elements interrogate the past in order to capture the oscillations and trajectories of the most current social and political scenarios. Through the relationship between the sculptural carvings and the modulation of the pictorial signs, Tempo decontextualized the simulacra of a wounded contemporaneity, giving rise to an atmosphere in which nature and culture, history and memory, meet each other in order to show the fragility of life, the finitude of things themselves, the ephemeral breathlessness of the present time, without giving in to the temptation of providing any answer, but leaving interpretational gaps voluntary opened.
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Mafonso (Frattaminore, NA, 1948 - Caserta, 2019) lived between Switzerland and Italy from the early 1970s and began his self-taught artistic career. His first solo show Comportamento nel segno (Behavior in the sign), at the Roman gallery Agenzia d’Arte Moderna in 1976 gives him the opportunity to meet the works of the great historical maestri. At the end of the 1970s he was amongst the founders of the group ‘Cosa Mentale’, presented by Maurizio Fagiolo Dell'Arco at the Roman gallery Architettura Arte Moderna. In 1979 he moved to Rome, where he established a professional and personal relationship with the artists of Italian Pop Art such as Tano Festa, Franco Angeli and Mario Schifano.
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